Industry Wide Open Challenge Coming to RISE 10 – RJ City Joins David Arquette

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Upon hearing the news David Arquette had joined the World Class Development Seminar for RISE 10 – INSANITY, many fans as well as those inside the business expressed their opinions. Among the first of those to share their thoughts was pro wrestler RJ City, simply stating, “This is a gigantic mistake.”

Since their war of words spilled into the rings of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, RJ has begun teaming with David. Collectively known as Arquette City, it seems David is far more enthusiastic about the team than RJ. In fact, in a Tweet dated September 3, RJ accompanied a photo of Arquette City simply captioned, “This is an open challenge to any team out there to put us out of my misery.”

RISE Officials have elected to allow the Arquette City Open Challenge to be part of RISE 10 – INSANITY in Berwyn, IL October 19. With our focus on The Tag Team Awakening this year, which of our many teams will step up to the challenge? Or, will there be a new female team who will come forward and stand face to face with Arquette City?

A number of our stars have already volunteered to welcome David Arquette to the rings of RISE. Now, it is only a matter of seeing what combination of two women it will be.

Arquette City vs. Two of Today’s Best, Tomorrow’s Brightest Women Athletes at RISE 10 – INSANITY!

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