United Front for RISE – ASCENT – 7 Day FREE Trials, Phasing out Twitch Subs


The RISE Team is just coming off a wild and crazy 9 day journey that was the most recent RISE – ASCENT Tapings in Orlando, Florida! Thanks to Alex Pourteau and the team at Pro Wrestling 2.0 in Winter Park, Florida, we were able to confirm the taping venue of Quinco Sports Academy. 9 days later, we taped 5 Episodes of RISE – ASCENT. It. was. INSANITY, and well ahead of RISE 10! In 9 days, all talent was booked, travel arranged, ticket sales promoted, and 5 weeks of content created, produced and delivered.

9 days. It’s still unreal to us, but thanks to our amazing crew of Women Athletes and all our supporting players who are just as crazy as us, sharing our vision, we did it!

RISE – ASCENT Episode 15-19 are now in post-production. Episode 15 drops September 26 at riseascent.com and RISE – ASCENT The App on iOS and Android. These Episodes most definitely enhance the stories being told at RISE 10 – INSANITY October 19 in Berwyn, IL.

We will still have new content dropping in the weeks in between. RISE 8 drops September 12, RISE 9 September 19.

These Orlando Tapings saw the debuts of 10 total talents in RISE, the majority discovered in our September 5 Seminar with Jimmy Jacobs and Kevin Harvey. RISE – ASCENT has proven to be the best possible way for us to work in and develop new talent, staying true to our mission of building a worldwide pipeline of talent for all of professional wrestling, Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes.

And now, we turn to everyone in our network, friends, colleagues and fans. Based on what we were able to accomplish in Orlando and the costs associated with it, we have a new goal.

If we can somehow, some way achieve between 700-1000 additional subscribers to RISE – ASCENT, then the entire project of continuing weekly episodic women’s wrestling will become completely self-sustaining, guaranteeing our ability to continue producing RISE – ASCENT for a very long time.

And to do that, we are moving 100% of our subscription based video streaming services to riseascent.com, RISE – ASCENT The App for iOS and Android, and eventually Apple TV and Roku. Once a user is subscribed with one account, they can use any and all of these services with one login.

This also means that effective October 1, we are discontinuing our subscription services on Twitch. Messages were sent to our Twitch fanbase September 1. Though Twitch will still allow subscriptions, we will no longer be delivering new content to Twitch after October 1 and the video archive will be removed later in the month. We will from time to time still utilize Twitch to stream past events or special events.

We see it daily in discussions on Social Media that fans want weekly, women’s wrestling. We’ve been delivering just that since May. We just need to get the product in front of more eyes.

And here’s one way we will do it.

Right now, through riseascent.com or RISE – ASCENT The App for iOS and Android, all new signups will receive a 7 Day FREE Trial of RISE – ASCENT!

Please help us share this with the world!

We have some of the best women’s wrestling you’ll find, showcasing Today’s Best, Tomorrow’s Brightest.

Now, let’s prove it to an even bigger fanbase.

Thank you for your ongoing support of RISE – DEVELOPING Tomorrow’s Women Athletes!