ASCENT Tapings Thursday in Orlando! Can We Make It a Frequent Occurrence?


This Thursday, September 6 in Winter Park, Florida in the Orlando Market, we tape the next several episodes of our weekly program, RISE – ASCENT. Tickets are only $10-$20 and available at

For a multitude of business reasons, we want to make taping episodes of RISE – ASCENT in the Orlando area a regular event! And in order to do that, we need to have as much success straight out of the gate as possible. Florida wrestling fans, please share the word and join us for a fun-filled night of women’s wrestling!

“In the bigger picture, we need to establish a regular taping schedule for RISE – ASCENT to honor our commitment to providing subscribers new content every week. From it’s inception, we hoped to establish a regular taping rhythm, possibly in a few key markets. If we can hit a home run in Orlando, we hope to make that a primary, if not exclusive market for tapings if RISE – ASCENT.

There are a number of young, hungry talents in the southeast United States with a heavy concentration in Florida. Through ASCENT, we hope to develop new talent, establish new stars and build stories for our larger scale events such as RISE 10 – INSANITY. Jimmy Jacobs and I want to see as many new faces as possible as we hope to bring many new opportunities to Tomorrow’s Women Athletes, continuing to utilize Today’s Best, Tomorrow’s Brightest,” said RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.

Our Seminar with Jimmy Jacobs and Kevin Harvey this Wednesday, September 5 in Winter Park, FL still has a few seats left and is open to men and women in all wrestling performance roles. Several opportunities will be open for women wrestlers taking part in this Seminar during the September 6 ASCENT Tapings. To register, please visit