Enhancements to riseascent.com, iOS and Android Apps Coming Soon!


We have spent a great deal of time today making some highly requested enhancements and improvements to our streaming platform, riseascent.com. This site is not only home to new episodes of RISE – ASCENT every Wednesday, but also our entire video archive of past events.

We have now added chapter markers for all matches, interviews, segments and video packages. Now, for fans seeking specific wrestlers or teams, navigating the site will be easier than ever! Want to binge on Rosemary or Toni Storm matches? Simply type their names into the search field and click “chapters” and have every match at your fingertips.

Also, development is nearly complete for RISE – ASCENT Apps for both Android and iOS platforms, putting RISE on the vast majority of smartphones and tablets on the market! Once development has finished, we merely await the approval processes and RISE should be in App Stores worldwide!

A bit further down the road, we are in pre-development phases that will bring RISE – ASCENT to Apple TV and Roku devices.

Soon, RISE will be available on virtually all internet-connected devices!

Happy searching, and happy streaming, all via riseascent.com!