Fundraising Stream, 8 PM CDT for Doom, Blackheart, Kikyo & Kylie #RISEonTwitch


It is a call no one ever wants to receive from someone they care deeply about. As many of our fans know, I have received four of those calls in the last two weeks. Four women who have been integral parts of RISE have been injured, all at possibly the most inopportune times of them all – before or during their first tours of Japan with World Wonder Ring STARDOM.

As stated before, NOTHING is more important to me than the health and well being of our talent, period. Every one of these calls has been heartbreaking. Put them all together, and it just seems unreal.

Delilah Doom, Shotzi Blackheart and Kikyo have been with us since RISE 1. Kylie Rae joined us at RISE 5. The genuine joy in their eyes when I told all four they were going to Japan, in front of a live, sold out Los Angeles audience, was something I will never forget. It is very high on my list for all-time wrestling moments. To see what that meant to all four women in that moment was truly unforgettable.

Tonight, I ask the wrestling community spread the word of a special Twitch Stream we will be hosting tonight, highlighting the RISE Careers of these four wonderful women. Let’s showcase the careers of some of professional wrestling’s brightest up and coming stars.

The RISE Twitch Channel,, has been outfitted with a PayPal donation button that will remain active all day and throughout tonight’s stream. Funds raised through this button will be dispersed evenly amongst the girls to assist in covering medical expenses and to compensate for lost earnings due to injuries.

Additionally, money raised through Twitch Bits today will also be distributed amongst the girls.

Tonight, we celebrate four wonderful women. And tonight, we prepare for just how amazing the epic returns of all four will be.

Wrestling community, please share, retweet, etc. Twitch Community, we appreciate as much hosting and sharing as possible.

And all, please discuss and share using the hashtag #RISEonTwitch.

I look forward to seeing everyone tonight.



Matches on deck… (not necessarily in streaming order…)


Kikyo enters the Saraya Knight open challenge

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Mercedes Martinez

Delilah Doom vs. Phoenix of RISE Champion Angel Dust


Kikyo vs. Jewells Malone

Delilah Doom vs. Rosemary


Phoenix of RISE Champion Shotzi Blackheart vs. Delilah Doom


Kylie Rae vs. Nicole Savoy


Kikyo vs. Cheerleader Melissa (And the rebirth of Gokumon-to)

Kylie Rae vs. Deonna Purrazzo