The Power of 7 Days – What The Last Week Has Meant for RISE

What is RISE?

What will its place be in the history books?

What value does it add to the here and now as well as the future of professional wrestling?

Let’s take a look at the last seven days…

Friday, July 6 we held a World Class Development Seminar in Villa Park, IL with Saraya Knight, one of the most revered talents from the United Kingdom, matriarch of the famed Knight Dynasty. For a small, but mighty group in suburban Chicago, a full day of training was held, making one of wrestling’s brilliant minds from a world away available right here in their backyard. For those in attendance, they were schooled in the ins and outs of British Strong Style Wrestling and received an educational opportunity like no other. One attendee would go on to make her in-ring debut for RISE at the weekend’s ASCENT Tapings. Another would have her first opportunity to be part of the performance in front of live audiences at both RISE 9 and RISE – ASCENT.

Saturday, July 7, after much challenge and change in the days and hours leading into the event, we teamed with IMPACT Wrestling to present a Live Stream on Twitch, putting our brand of entertainment in front of more eyes than have ever seen our product before. All talents delivered above and beyond what were already high expectations. The First Guardians of RISE Tag Team Champions were crowned in the form of Paradise Lost, Raven’s Ash and Dust with their mentor Rosemary in their corner. And the night ended with Tessa Blanchard, competing for the second time in one night, this time in a 30 Minute Iron Woman Match with Mercedes Martinez. After going the distance, Tessa, Undeniable and standing tall, was The Fourth Phoenix of RISE Champion. The VOD is already among the most-watched videos on IMPACT’s Twitch Channel. Can we set a new record?

Sunday, July 8, we taped seven episodes of RISE – ASCENT. One of our boldest moves, one that may perhaps prove to have been overly ambitious, but something we are not letting go. What this weekly platform has already meant and can possibly mean for women’s wrestling and the development of its talent is too profound, and we have all fought to keep the show alive. What fans saw at these tapings was already an amazing several weeks of content. What was shot before and after the in-ring action adds even more value, tells so much more story. We indeed saw the ascent of several key talents, twists and turns in character evolution and even said farewell to one of our own.

Thursday, July 12, four women who once took a chance on a Seminar concept called RISE landed in Tokyo, Japan, readying for their first tours with World Wonder Ring STARDOM, considered by most to be the top women’s wrestling promotion in the country.

And just minutes away from this writing, The Second Phoenix of RISE, “The Ballsy Badass” Shotzi Blackheart makes her worldwide television debut on IMPACT Wrestling on POP TV.

This is what our team has been able to do with one week.

Our work has to continue.

It must continue.

We continue to fight to ensure we will go on.

And we cannot do this without spreading the word of RISE, reaching as many fans out there as we can.

Help us.

Share the word of RISE.

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Tonight, we take a giant leap into the next step in our evolution.

And we continue to need your help and support.

We’ve made a lot of noise in under two years as a company.

And it’s time we made a little more…