Less Than 24 Hours to Tokyo – Kevin’s Blog Ahead of the RISE to STARDOM Tour


In the next twenty-four hours, four of my “kids” leave for Tokyo, Japan for their first tours with World Wonder Ring STARDOM. And when I think of this, I grin ear to ear with tremendous pride.

Two of my “kids” are unable to make their trips as scheduled due to injuries. And when I think of this, it just makes me want to cry. I know just how much this meant to them, but I also know their talent cannot be denied, and another opportunity will come with time.

All six of these amazing women have at least one big thing in common. At some point, they read about some thing called “RISE,” and decided to take a risk on a a yet-unproven concept of talent development. Rightfully skeptic, they all still took a chance on RISE. And, in turn, RISE has taken chances on them.

Britt Baker, Kikyo, Dust, Shotzi and Delilah all came to us at RISE 1 – IGNITE. Kylie Rae took her chance at RISE 5 – RISING SUN. All showed us their work ethic, spending entire days in grueling seminars with the likes of Saraya Knight, Colt Cabana, Tom Prichard, Mercedes Martinez, Cheerleader Melissa, Madusa, Aja Kong, Bull Nakano and more. Then on top of that would go on to wrestle, and in many cases, Main Event RISE cards. That’s no easy task. 

One way or another, I know I have pushed all six of these women in ways that challenged them. At times, I annoyed them or even made them mad. I’d love to tell you I’m a peach to work with all the time, but I’m not. And these six women have had to put up with more of my wild ideas and moodiness than most. 

And in their own ways, they all helped us build a brand. They helped us build a company that means something to the bigger picture of professional wrestling. 

They’ve all helped me in more ways personally and professionally than I can ever articulate in a blog. 

I only have one thing to ask of the girls.

Be you. 

Be wonderfully, unapologetically you. You are all wonderful in your owns ways and have your own unique places cemented on our team.

You are the ones who earned this opportunity.

You are the ones who have done the work. 


I love you, girls.

Now, go show the world how wonderful you are.

STARDOM…they’re coming…