Guardians at Hell’s Gate – Paradise Lost Are The First Guardians of RISE!


2018 saw the beginning of The Tag Team Awakening, but were we prepared for what we have awakened? Paradise Lost, Raven’s Ash and Dust, guided by “The Demon Assassin” Rosemary are The First Guardians of RISE Tag Team Champions.

RISE 8 – OUTBACK saw four tag team matches June 29 in Los Angeles with the winning four teams advancing to the Four Corners Elimination Match at RISE 9 – RISE of The Knockouts July 7 in Chicago. Wily Smilies defeated Nicole Matthews and Ayokah Muhara (substituted from the Seminar for the ill Madison Eagles). Team Blue Nation defeated The  Killer Baes. Britt Baker of Fire and Nice, with her partner Chelsea Green unable to appear due to personal obligations, was able to defeat Bones of Contention. And Paradise Lost took the victory over Fight for Evers.

Kylie Rae and Miranda Alize were ready.

Jessica Troy and Charli Evans were ready.

Chelsea Green and Britt Baker were ready, but for entirely different scenarios…

Raven’s Ash, Dust and Rosemary were ready.

Live on IMPACT on Twitch, all four teams made their way to the ring and fought in a contest that truly showcased some of the very best tag teams in wrestling, all vying to lay claim to being the first-ever Guardians of RISE Tag Team Champions.

In an absolutely shocking turn of events, Britt Baker seemed to be on the ready to assist Chelsea Green with what would have been a second spectacular dive for the night. The dive was not to be. Instead, Chelsea was leveled with a superkick from her own tag team partner. As Baker walked away from the ring, her actions and expressions leaving more questions than answers, Team Blue Nation was able to score the double team and the pinfall, eliminating Fire and Nice.

The remaining three teams engaged in further battle. In time, Kylie Rae was able to apply a crossface submission to Jessica Troy, securing the tapout and elimination of Team Blue Nation.

In a rematch from RISE 7 – SENSATION, the match was down to Wily Smilies and Paradise Lost.Kylie and Miranda put up a valiant effort, finally able to topple the towering Raven’s Ash. However, the foul demon lurking on the outside pulled Kylie Rae out of the ring, followed by Rosemary jettisoning Kylie into the ringside guardrail.

Miranda Alize, unable to overcome the numbers disadvantage, was met with Eden’s End.

Paradise Lost was met with the taste of victory, Dust pinning Alize, making Paradise Lost The First Guardians of RISE Tag Team Champions.

And now, what is to come? Rosemary has guided her proteges at every pass to lead to the destruction. Want, Take, Have…and in the interest of ensuring RISE will FALL.

What happens next as Rosemary and her loyal followers Raven’s Ash and Dust have more control than ever before?

Do we have Guardians of RISE? Or, have we met the Guardians of Hell’s Gate itself?

We offer congratulations to the new champions. Admittedly, we are apprehensive about what this victory and hold over the titles will mean for the future of the RISE Tag Team Division.

See how it all went down…RIGHT HERE!