Preview: RISE – ASCENT Episode 2: Blanchard vs. Baker This Wednesday!

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This Wednesday, the Women of RISE are back with Episode 2 of our new, weekly platform, RISE – ASCENT, available exclusively at

The Killer Death Machines debut in RISE with Nevaeh in singles action with Jessicka Havok in her corner taking on Tasha Steelz. What mission do the Death Machines have in RISE? Can Steelz overcome the numbers advantage?

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The Bones of Contention, always at war with one another first and all others second, make their way to ASCENT. In this outing, Ray Lyn has Karen Q in her corner as she takes on “Double D” Rose. Are the Bones of Contention ready with a counter attack to the woman known as “The Weapon of Ass Destruction?”

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And in the Main Event of Episode 2, “Undeniable” Tessa Blanchard faces IWC Women’s Champion Britt Baker. The title is not on the line, but a great deal more is. Blanchard and Baker are no strangers to one another. Who will come out on top in this latest installment of the battle of Blanchard vs. Baker?

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Also on this episode is another installment in the popular Flight of The Phoenix Series, this time profiling former Phoenix of RISE Champion, “The Ballsy Badass” Shotzi Blackheart.

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