Social Media Campaign #RISEto1000: Help Us Reach 1000 Subscribers

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Since taping the first six episodes of our new, weekly episodic platform for women’s wrestling RISE – ASCENT last weekend in White Oak, PA, we have seen tremendous support from new subscribers at This streaming platform not only features our entire library of past events, but will be the exclusive home to first-run episodes of RISE – ASCENT beginning May 30. With subscriptions priced at just $4.99 per month, this is a great value for every women’s wrestling fan!

Today, we begin our new social media campaign #RISEto1000. Our goal is to use this hashtag to raise awareness for all women’s wrestling fans worldwide of our product and reach our first 1000 recurring monthly subscribers to

There are millions of women’s wrestling fans worldwide, and many have been waiting for one of the major promotions to produce a weekly program exclusively for women’s wrestling. Beginning May 30, RISE has teamed with IMPACT Wrestling to produce exactly that.

“RISE is not a company with millions of dollars or world class lighting and sets. We don’t have stock prices to keep in mind, and we aren’t focused on marketing words and political agendas. But, what we DO have is the most amazing pipeline of female talent available at any point on the independents. And the goal is simple: showcase these amazing women with a weekly program all to their own,” said RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.

And now, the race is on. All fans, talent and staff, we appreciate your support as we begin the race. Let’s get #RISEto1000!