Seating Configuration for RISE of the Knockouts, RISE – ASCENT July 7-8

ROTKO Chart.001

With tickets on-sale for RISE 9 – RISE of the Knockouts and RISE – ASCENT Tapings July 7 and 8 in Naperville, IL, we wanted to share an approximate seating arrangement as this will be a significantly larger scale event than anything attempted previously.

We say approximate for two reasons. One: This is the owners very crude hand at trying to make a seating chart… Two: The venue, the Illinois Basketball Academy, has a great deal of flexibility to add more seating. If more seating is needed, we will increase the overall size of the arena and add additional General Admission seating only.

Tickets available for both days now at Coming later this week, we hope to be able to share more talent announcements, including what additional IMPACT Knockouts will be joining the fun!