Only 34 Tickets Left for RISE 7 – SENSATION!

As of this writing, there are only 35 total General Admission tickets left for RISE 7 – SENSATION Friday, April 13 at the Berwyn Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL just outside of Chicago! Thank you to all our amazing Midwest fans and those traveling from far and wide to be part of this monumental RISE and SHIMMER Weekend. Based on current sales trends and a price of just $10, we expect this event to sell out by Wednesday, March 21.

Remaining RISE 7 tickets are available at $10 GA Standalone, $45 includes VIP Pass. Full VIP Meet and Greet details included below.

Tickets for SHIMMER Women Athletes volumes 101-104 Saturday, April 14 and Sunday, April 15 are in short supply as well. Get yours at

img_0739In the Main Event of the evening, Phoenix of RISE Champion Delilah Doom defends against Deonna Purrazzo. When last we were in Berwyn, Delilah won the championship and successfully defended the title in a Steel Cage match at RISE 6 against Rosemary. A bloody mess, Delilah walked, albeit barely, out of Los Angeles still Phoenix of RISE.

Deonna Purrazzo is undefeated in one-on-one competition in RISE. Since blazing her way to the RISE Roster at RISE 3 with a victory over Cheerleader Melissa, Deonna has delivered standout performances at every RISE event since.

With both women having tremendous momentum coming into this event, who will maintain theirs to exit RISE 7 as the Phoenix of RISE?


RISE 6 – BRUTALITY in Los Angeles set forth a series of events leading into this Six Woman Tag Team Elimination Match. As Cheerleader Melissa faced “The Fallen Flower” Kikyo, Dynamite DiDi took to the ring for reasons she has yet to unveil. After a two-on-one attack, Melissa seemed to be taking the advantage when Kris Wolf took to the ring, only to join in on the attack. Then, the unexpected happened.

Bull Nakano made her way to the ring and delivered a strike to the chest of Cheerleader Melissa with pair of nunchucks. The trio stood over the fallen Future Legend with their new manager as Bull declared the rebirth of Gokumon-to!

Later that night, Kris Wolf took on the former Phoenix of RISE, “The Ballsy Badass” Shotzi Blackheart, Kris with Bull Nakano in her corner, Shotzi with Madusa in hers.

In a wild match that spilled all over the American Legion in South Gate, CA, Bull Nakano once again interjected herself into the contest, striking Blackheart with nunchucks, allowing Wolf to score a finishing blow and the win.

Then it happened. Once again, two legends of the ring, Madusa and Bull Nakano, stood face to face, ready to tear each other apart. Luckily, referees were on hand to pull the two away from one another, but the challenge was made for RISE 7.

And now we have Madusa leading Deuce’s Alliance of “The Ballsy Badass” Shotzi Blackheart, Cheerleader Melissa and one more TBD from the RISE 7 Seminar vs. Bull Nakano’s Gokumon-to of Kris Wolf, “The Fallen Flower” Kikyo and Dynamite DiDi.

Who will survive and claim victory in this Elimination Tag Team Match?


VIP Meet and Greet with 2015 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee Madusa, aka Alundra Blayze and the legendary Bull Nakano includes personalized, signed 8×10 provided by RISE as well as one in-ring photo op with the two legends. Additional signatures (up to 5) and Photos (up to 3) are available at $10 each. Additional signatures and photos will be available shortly at

And that’s not even getting into the rest of the event! The Tag Team Awakening kicks off at RISE 7! Heart of SHIMMER Champion Shazza McKenzie will be on hand. Team Cupcake presents…#TFAZLGGOTPWEPWEP?!

All that and much more!

Act fast, because we want to see YOU at RISE 7 – SENSATION!

More to come on our other contests in the weeks leading in the Live Event!