RISE Partners with #DancerBeatingCancer, @DeonnaPurrazzo Kicks Things Off!

Not too long ago, we received an inquiry from a wonderful little girl named Cierra. To say she had our attention right from the start would be accurate.

This was the message we received:

“I am an 11 year old Childhood Cancer Survivor, a competitive dancer here in Indiana originally from Louisville and a huge wrestling fan. I have teamed up with Riley Children’s Hospital to start #dancerbeatingcancer to bring awareness to childhood cancer and raise money for pediatric research. It is a social media challenge just like the ice bucket challenge. I would like to see if one if the lady wrestlers would accept the challenge and help me spread the awareness through the wrestling world. We are having a hard time finding a wrestler. We have the NBA, NFL, and college dance teams running with it, Meghan Trainor just posted about the challenge. With childhood cancer being the leading cause of death in children under the age of 15 and only receives 4% of all research funds, that’s why this why we need to spread the awareness. All you do is go to my website www.dancerbeatingcancer.org. You can use the music on my page or use your own. Upload your video to social media using #dancerbeatingcancer challenge your friends and have fun.”

So that is exactly what we have decided to do. But, when this information was shared with the ladies of RISE and SHIMMER, they agreed upon one thing. We don’t want to see if one of the lady wrestlers will help. We want to get ALL the lady wrestlers we can to help!

And who better to start the RISE and SHIMMER team’s participation in this wonderful campaign than the pioneer of The #DeonnaDance, The Virtuosa herself, Deonna Purrazzo!

Deonna’s video is posted above, and the RISE crew is ready to have fun and help spread Cierra’s wonderful message. Deonna has thrown out the challenge, and we expect a snowball effect from here!

For more information on Cierra, her cause and how you can help, please visit dancerbeatingcancer.org.