iPPVs Refunded – Venue Internet Connection Fails Multiple Tests


We regret to inform fans that we will not be able to offer RISE 6 – BRUTALITY or RISE 6.5 THROTTLE while they are happening LIVE on iPPV. Refunds are currently being processed for all customers who had ordered the broadcasts in advance. Tonight, RISE Officials and Crew were on hand at The American Legion in South Gate, CA to perform initial testing for the streams. Three of five tests failed completely while a fourth had marginal results at best.

We will, however, still be shooting in the fan-cam style, one raw camera shot without commentary that will be available nearly immediately at the conclusion of both events. This will be dependent on internet speeds as to quickly files will be available in our online store.

“This is disappointing, but this is why we do tests – to avoid failing our loyal fans in the moment. I would much rather see us do the right thing and abort the idea now than charge even more people money for an inferior streaming product,” said RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.

We are sorry this attempt to bring the weekend’s action to you live did not come to pass, but we would rather make this right now than have a potential disaster during the Live Events.

And, as is the case with all our events, a multi-camera edit with commentary will be produced shortly after the conclusion of the events. We expect a 1-2 week turnaround at most from our friends at Smart Mark Video.