Bulk Pricing Sale for RISE 6.5 Saturday Afternoon!

RISE 6 - THROTTLE Graphics.001

We have a PACKED house Friday night in South Gate, CA for RISE 6, and we would LOVE another PACKED house Saturday afternoon for Madusa’s Full Throttle LIVE and RISE 6.5 – THROTTLE! Three amazing matches, one entertaining podcast – all on one ticket!

Today through RISE 6.5, we are offering the following promotions.

Buy 2-3 Tickets: $20 Each

Buy 4-5 Tickets: $15 Each

Buy 6 or more: $10 Each

Have some friends who want to join you for some amazing follow-up action to RISE 6? Two title matches plus Mercedes Martinez vs. Kris Wolf will make this an afternoon to remember!

And there is the intrigue of Madusa hosting an interview panel with Bull Nakano, Mercedes Martinez, Toni Storm and Kris Wolf. That’s sure to be a whole lot of fun!

Get those volume discount tickets prices now at pipeline.ecwid.com!