Fans Needed TONIGHT at 8 PM CST: Testing iPPV Feed for RISE 6!


Fans worldwide, we have been working round the clock for weeks to make RISE 6 – BRUTALITY available to as many people as possible. Tonight, at 8 PM CST, we needs fans to help us test some internet waters.

Tonight, we will determine if we are able to offer RISE 6 – BRUTALITY worldwide this Friday as a Fan-Cam iPPV!

We need to test our technology, including the payment processing. There will be a charge of $1 for tonight’s test, but all funds will be refunded at the conclusion of the test unless specified otherwise by fans that they would offer this as a donation for tonight’s match. As a special treat, we will test the stream with Nicole Savoy vs. Kylie from RISE 5 – RISING SUN!

If this test is successful, and we believe it will be, we will offer RISE 6 – BRUTALITY as a Fan-Cam iPPV! But we need your help to make sure it can happen. We need a minimum of 10 people, ideally many more. Our fans have been asking for iPPV, and we are doing our best to deliver.

Can you help us tonight? The feed goes live at 8 PM CST at!

If this test is successful, we will not only offer RISE 6, but also RISE 6.5, the matches taking place now as part of Madusa’s Full Throttle LIVE December 2!

Tickets in advance for RISE 6 are nearly sold out. 21 GA remain, and we are exploring if extra seating is possible. Get your tickets now to guarantee your seat at

Full information on Madusa’s Full Throttle LIVE and RISE 6.5 coming later today!