RISE 6 This Friday: Shotzi Blackheart with Madusa vs. Kris Wolf with Bull Nakano!

The last few weeks have been interesting as the Live Event of RISE 6 – BRUTALITY has more and more matches with higher stakes than originally thought. Just days ago, Bull Nakano, after years of laying dormant since retirement viciously attacked Manami Toyota in Japan. This attack did not go unnoticed by another of Bull’s legendary rivals, Madusa.

After some brief interactions with one another on social media, it seems this storied rivalry will once again take form, this time in South Gate, CA!

Shotzi Blackheart, “The Ballsy Badass” and former Phoenix of RISE Champion will be managed by 2015 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee Madusa, aka Alundra Blayze. Shotzi’s opponent, STARDOM’s Kris Wolf, brings all of her energy, charisma and ring prowess with her, along with manager Bull Nakano!

With Bull straight-up attacking her former rivals with weapons and Madusa using phrases like, “still some gas left in the tank,” will the two legends be able to remain in their respective corners, or are some brutal rivalries just to intense to be contained any longer?

One thing is for sure, one of the most anticipated matches on the RISE 6 – BRUTALITY card just became even more can’t-miss!

Shotzi Blackheart with Madusa vs. Kris Wolf with Bull Nakano. Let’s just let that sink in for a moment. What a way to top off 2017!

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