Delilah Doom: The Third Phoenix of RISE AND SHIMMER Tag Team Champion!

Shim 11-17 Day 1-1825

What a weekend for Delilah Doom! After sustaining a wrist injury during the RISE 5 -RISING SUN World Class Development Seminar with Madusa and Aja Kong, Delilah became The Third Phoenix of RISE. Not even 24 hours later, Delilah would also win the SHIMMER Tag Team Championship with her Totally Tubular Tag Team partner Leva Bates!

Two landmark moments for Delilah, and truly a landmark moment for RISE.

We take tremendous pride in seeing women discovered through the RISE Program receive opportunities in SHIMMER Women Athletes. To see one of our own move from a member of The Prospective Talent Pool in RISE to titleholder in SHIMMER is a special day indeed.

Congratulations to “The Queen of Aerobics Style” Delilah Doom, Phoenix of RISE Champion AND SHIMMER Tag Team Champion!