Always Training, Always Learning: Rachael Ellering is Coming to RISE 5!

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Something one can count on from all graduates of Storm Wrestling Academy, they all are incredibly hardworking and eager to continue to learn on their career journey, doing everything they can to develop into the best young talents on the circuit today! Someone who most certainly fits that mold is Rachael Ellering, and Rachael is coming to RISE 5 – RISING SUN November 10 in Berwyn, IL!

“Rachael is an impressive talent, already making quite a name for herself everywhere she goes. What’s more impressive to me is her attitude toward training and ongoing development. She is coming to RISE with no intention but to learn from some of the industry’s best and grow as a performer. That speaks volumes to us,” said RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.

With Rachael’s SHIMMER Debut on the horizon November 11-12 in Berwyn, IL, what impact will she make in RISE? Find out Friday, November 10!

Harvey elaborated, “Through RISE and Co-Ed concept GAIN, we’ve had the pleasure of working with several graduates of Lance Storm’s program. First we got to know Chelsea Green, then JaXon Argos and now Rachael. It’s very clear that training at SWA is truly some of the best in the world, physically and mentally. It should be very interesting to see what ways yet another SWA Graduate will stand out as one of today’s top independents!”

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