RISE 6 Seminar Adds BULL NAKANO December 1 in South Gate, CA!!!

In an unexpected and unprecedented announcement by Madusa and Kevin Harvey on tonight’s iPPV Broadcast of WARRIORS RISE (available soon for replay at wrestlingpipeline.com/ippv), we learned that all-time great BULL NAKANO joins Cheerleader Melissa and Madusa to facilitate the World Class Development Seminar as part of RISE 6 – BRUTAILTY!

Never before available for training anywhere in North America, retired from wrestling for many years, a deal has been reached that will see Bull Nakano paired with her legendary rival Madusa in both the Seminar and the VIP Meet and Greet before the Live Event that night.

Also keep in mind, this Seminar is a formal recruiting and scouting event for STARDOM. With STARDOM USA President Cheerleader Melissa and STARDOM Commissioner Madusa, this is very much a chance to learn and get noticed.

“We have always been about providing the most unique, advanced learning platform for independent wrestling talent. This one was already amazing with STARDOM’s involvement with Melissa and Madusa. And I don’t know that I can be clearer about the importance and magnitude of this Seminar other than the words, ‘BULL NAKANO,'” said RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.

Learning like this is not available anywhere but RISE – Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes.

We also have an additional special event that will be added to the afternoon of December 2 prior to the AWS Event. More details to come in the very near future.

Those interested in this Seminar, register here: wrestlingpipeline.com/rise.