Medical Clearance Approved: The Demon Assassin @WeAreRosemary Returns This Friday!

RISE 4 Match Graphics.008

What many fans will interpret as very welcome good news may not be so well received for the women competing at WARRIORS RISE. “The Demon Assassin” Rosemary has received medical clearance, and her first match back from injury happens this Friday at WARRIORS RISE, Live from Epic Studios in Norwich, England!

“The Demon Assassin” has already spread decay and violence across RISE events. With her counterpart Dust of Paradise lost by her side, one can only speculate the degree of Rosemary’s fury that may be unleashed Friday on iPPV.

See it all for yourself in Norwich, tickets still available at Or, watch it live and with unlimited VOD replays on iPPV for £7.50, roughly $9.88 at!