All Interested in RISE 4-6, Email


It was brought to our attention the evening of August 10 that several prospective talents for upcoming World Class Development Seminars as part of RISE 4 through RISE 6 were unable to submit our registration form or had never heard back from us after submitting the form. We have determined there is a technical error with the form, effecting primarily those using it via smartphone. As a result, we are scrapping the form entirely and going back to our original registration model.

We have sent terms letters to 100% of the form applicants we did successfully receive. If you submitted the form or attempted to and have not yet received your terms letter, please email ASAP.

For those who are looking to express your interest for the first time, please also email, Subject: RISE 4, RISE 5 or RISE 6 (Depending on which Seminar(s) you wish to attend). Seminar details are posted at

We apologize to all who were effected by this technical error. We typically reply to all inquiries with one day, so failure in communication is something we wish to remedy immediately. We have effectively ended our relationship with our form vendor as we pride ourselves in getting back to all Seminar talents as soon as possible.

There are still plenty of opportunities to learn with RISE. Send us an email to take your first steps with us today!