UK and European Talent: Pre-registration for RISE 4 Seminar Now Open

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The Executive Producers of RISE – Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes and SHIMMER Women Athletes will land in England September 14 and stay through September 17. An unprecedented opportunity for training, development and visibility will take place over the weekend. We are in the process of finalizing details for the World Class Development Seminar’s Facilitator(s) and Featured Talent for the Live Event, all part of RISE 4 – WARRIORS RISE. RISE 4 will be a co-promoted event with Bellatrix Female Warriors and World Association of Wrestling. All the learning and action will take place at EPIC Studios in Norwich, England!

Through RISE, we seek to develop a pipeline of the best women’s talent worldwide, and to do that, we have to expand our horizons. We are doing that in a big way with our first international outing. We know there is a great deal of talent in the United Kingdom and Europe, and we want to see what they have. And we want to see that first hand! This Seminar will provide visibility to SHIMMER (Dave Prazak), RISE (Kevin Harvey), Bellatrix/WAW (The Knight Family), British Empire Wrestling (Declan Kellett) and more.

One talent will be selected from this Prospective Talent Pool to be part of the Live Event of RISE 5 – RISING SUN in Berwyn, IL November 10, the RISE event preceding SHIMMER Women Athletes’ tapings of Volumes 96-99 November 11-12. (No implication of booking with SHIMMER Women Athletes is guaranteed or implied.)

Interest in this Seminar has already been quite high, so we are opening a pre-registration process now. We will fill in seats once final details are released from pre-registrants first before opening to the general women’s wrestling public.

Details of the RISE 4 World Class Development Seminar will hopefully be finalized by Friday, July 21.

To pre-register, please fill out the form below.