Stipulation Sent for Agreement in The Last Dance of @AngelDust06 vs. @ShotziBlack at RISE 3 – MEDIC


March 11, Angel Dust locked horns with Shotzi Blackheart for the first time at AIW’s Girls Night Out in Cleveland, OH. In her third defense of The Phoenix of RISE Championship and with an increasing mean streak since pledging her allegiance to Rosemary, Angel Dust found herself pinned to the mat. Shotzi Blackheart found herself the new Phoenix of RISE Champion.

In a feud that would spawn several states and promotions, “The Ballsy Badass” was able to come out on top each time, still The Phoenix of RISE.

At GAIN 1 March 25, Live Event Liaison to the Office MsChif decreed that Angel Dust would receive one final shot at Shotzi Blackheart and her title at RISE 3 – MEDIC July 7 in Berwyn, IL. MsChif also plainly stated neither could lay a finger on the other until that contest took place.

The same night, Rosemary and Angel Dust brought an untimely end to Shotzi’s title defense against Shayna Baszler, Rosemary spewing mist in the face of Baszler. Then, in an unexpected turn of events, Angel Dust slipped further into Decay, using poison mist of her own, blinding Blackheart, yet still honoring the guidelines set forth by MsChif.

July 7, Angel Dust receives her last opportunity at The Phoenix of RISE Championship while held by Shotzi Blackheart, and a normal match just does not seem fitting to bring an end to this intensifying feud.

The Office of RISE has submitted a stipulation for agreement to both parties. Will “The Ballsy Badass” accept the terms of possibly her toughest match to date? Will Rosemary’s newest Hound of Hell be satisfied with the degree of pain involved if an agreement is reached?

Fans, you will not want to miss The Last Dance of Angel Dust vs. Shotzi Blackheart for The Phoenix of RISE Championship. It promises to be many things, but will most definitely not be for the faint of heart.

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