Introducing RISE 3 – MEDIC Seminar Observation Pass – $50

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Since the announcement of the sellout of our World Class Development Seminar for Women Wrestlers at RISE 3 – MEDIC with Dr. Tom Prichard, inquiries have continued to roll in from aspiring women wrestlers wishing to take part. Due to the amount of inquiries, many including variants of, “I wish I could come and just watch and listen to this seminar,” we see the need to evolve our business model. But, to do this, we must first protect our commitments to the 25 women who reached out to us and put their hard-earned money down for this seminar. In the interest of best serving all, we have come up with this.

Introducing RISE 3 – MEDIC Seminar Observation Pass, now available to women wrestlers, open to both trained women wrestlers and women wrestlers who have not yet completed their training. The fee for the RISE 3 – MEDIC Observation Pass is $50 with a $2.50 processing fee.

Terms for the Observation Pass include, but are not limited to:

• Observation pass holders will not be allowed to participate in the in-ring activities – no exceptions.

• Observation pass holders will not be in consideration for performance in the Live Event of RISE 3 – MEDIC.

• Observation pass holders will be prioritized on the cancellation waitlist for the in-ring portion of the seminar in the event any talent withdraws from the Prospective Talent Pool or is otherwise unable to make the seminar. This applies only to already currently trained and active wrestlers holding an Observation Pass.

If you wish to be a part of RISE 3 – MEDIC through an Observation Pass, please fill out the form below.