Only $10: “The Business of Promos” Online Seminar This Sunday, 1 PM CST.


This Sunday, April 16 at 1 PM CST will be the next offering from our VOICE Online Seminar Training Program. This outing, based on demand from recent polls, will be “The Business of Promos” and facilitated by PIPELINE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey. Registration for this Seminar is $10.

Our VOICE Online Seminars are 100% interactive and offer a unique way to engage students around the globe. They are not just lectures. This offering will involve skills practice, public speaking education and exercises in addition to teaching what we believe in for PIPELINE Productions such as RISE and GAIN in terms of fundamentals and guidelines for effectively engaging live audiences and those watching on television or home video.

“Wrestling is a business about emotion and connecting audiences to that emotion. Nearly 100% of wrestling seminars and training conducting in wrestling schools if very centric to the moves and holds of the ring. We want to offer something unique, something important. We want to encourage talents to get out of their comfort zones and work on those all-important verbal skills that are often among the less-practiced facets of wrestling performance,” said Harvey on his feelings for this particular offering from VOICE.

Our online seminars are available worldwide via internet connection to your computer, smartphone or tablet devices across all major Operating System Platforms. No travel, no fuss. You do not even have to leave the comfort of your own home.

To register, please email, Subject: VOICE Promos.