FREE Demos of VOICE Online Seminar Program Today!


PIPELINE – Wrestling Talent Development Systems is focused on providing truly World Class Training and Development to all roles in wrestling through our in-ring and innovative VOICEos Online Seminar Programs.

Today, Sunday, February 12, PIPELINE Director of Education and Executive Producer Kevin Harvey will be providing FREE demonstrations of our VOICEos Online Seminar Programs to any and all interested. Not sure what to expect of our amazing offerings coming up? Wondering what we mean by 100% interactive? We’ll let you see first-hand what we mean!

Take us for a test drive before Standing Out in Women’s Wrestling with Portia Perez this Wednesday, February 15 and Conduct, Psychology and The Next Level with Dr. Tom Prichard.

Today’s demonstrations will be approximately 15 minutes in length are are designed to show the capabilities of online access and interaction with facilitators. We understand some may be hesitant to sign up for a paid seminar without a more tangible example of what to expect.

To sign up for our free tour of the VOICEos Program, please email Seating in each session is limited.

Times available today:

3:30 PM CST

4:00 PM CST

4:30 PM CST

5:00 PM CST

5:30 PM CST

6:00 PM CST