Introducing RISE – 2 The Roster!


RISE 1 – IGNITE was a historic event in the wrestling world. 40 women attended our first World Class Development Seminar and all were given unique opportunities on our first Live Event. Several established stars were also featured such as SHIMMER’s Trifecta of SHIMMER Champion Mercedes Martinez, Heart of SHIMMER Champion Nicole Savoy and AIW Women’s Champion “Queen of Spades” Shayna Baszler, “Sweet” Saraya Knight and the shock of Skilled Death Artist #1 unmasking herself, unveiling the incomparable Nicole Matthews.

Coming out of RISE 2 – ASCENT Friday, January 27 in South Gate, CA, we will have a surprise for a select few participants of our second World Class Development Seminar. We will begin to establish a roster of RISE talent!

Our events will continue to have featured talent. In time, our Live Event cards will be roughly one third veterans and established talent, one third RISE Roster and one third participants picked right from our seminars! In addition to the Phoenix of RISE Championship, slots on the roster will be something all RISE Seminar Participants will be fighting for each outing!

And now, we kick off our next online, interactive video campaign, “2 The Roster!” Members of RISE 2 AND RISE 1 are invited to give an online promotional video, not to exceed two minutes in length, telling the fans why they should be moved “2 The Roster!”

Though the final decision will rest with the management of RISE, we listen to our fans. We will have online polls and be watching social media discussions very, very closely and factor these into our decisions. When discussing who you would like to see on the RISE Roster, please use hashtag #TwoTR.

Entries will be online starting within a week! So ladies, let’s get those cameras rolling!

And, we feel it goes without saying, but we will formally declare it here. The first member of the RISE Roster is the reigning Phoenix of RISE Champion, Angel Dust!

Who will be next?

Women wrestlers, we still have seats open in our World Class Development Seminar with Saraya Knight and Colt Cabana January 27 in South Gate, CA. To sign up, please email, Subject: RISE 2 Interest.

Fans, tickets are starting to dwindle for RISE 2 – ASCENT. Front Row are nearly gone, and at $15, they are expected to sell out this week. Second Row reserved are $10. General Admission just $5. All tickets include entry to our Meet and Greet starting at 6:30 PM. Get yours today at The Shop!

Let’s fill in the blank. “___________ 2 The Roster!”