Introducing: PIPELINE – Wrestling Talent Development Systems


Moments ago on a live broadcast on YouTube, Kevin Harvey unveiled the plan for what had only been referred to as PIPELINE – WTDS. We now know more than just an acronym. We know there is more opportunity for higher education in independent wrestling than just RISE, all through PIPELINE – Wrestling Talent Development Systems.

PIPELINE is not a wrestling promotion. It is not a wrestling school. It is a education beyond wrestling school for virtually all levels and roles within professional wrestling. One could say there are four legs that prop the tabletop of PIPELINE:

RISE – Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes

GAIN – Developing Tomorrow’s Top Independents

VOICE – Developing Tomorrow’s Vocal Talents

ACCESS PIPELINE – Online, one-on-one training

You can view the edited form of the live stream below.

For questions, more information or signups, please email