New Upcoming Seminars and Trainings Page Now Active


Now on the home page of, you will find a direct link to our upcoming World Class Development Seminars and other trainings falling outside the structure of RISE Seminar and Live Event co-productions. These training offerings will become more and more regular as we march into 2017.

And for those who have not yet noticed, at RISE, we like to be a tad cryptic at times. We have been known to hide a few Easter Eggs from time to time. There just might be a few worth seeking on this new section of our website.

This week, members in Access – RISE begin training. Kevin Harvey will be facilitating “The Business of Promos” this Wednesday, November 30 in Milwaukee. And there’s a whole lot more in store!

Check out the new section of our site here: Upcoming Seminars and Trainings!