13 Women from RISE 1 Receive SHIMMER Opportunity


Forty women wrestlers came to Berwyn, IL Thursday, November 10 with nothing certain but an opportunity to train with two of the best wrestlers in the world in Saraya Knight and Colt Cabana. A truly World Class Development Seminar was held to positive reviews by all attendees, setting a new standard of excellence in ongoing education in professional wrestling.

Thirteen women in all received immediate return on investment from their seminar fees and costs associated with travel. Was it all really worth their time and efforts?

Ask Phoenix of RISE Champion Angel Dust and Shotzi Blackheart who made their SHIMMER debuts on Volume 86. See what Arianna, Savannah Evans and the Buru Death Squad of “The Fallen Flower” Kikyo and “Big Bang” Roni Nicole have to say about their chance to wrestle in front of SHIMMER fans in a RISE sanctioned match prior to Volume 87. Heather Monroe, Kate Carney and Angie Skye also had their time in the SHIMMER ring prior to Volume 89. And the final day of tapings also saw SHIMMER main roster debuts for Kennadi Brink, Kiera Hogan and Sonya Strong.┬áSamantha Heights wrestled both tapings the final day, pulling off a win over former SHIMMER Tag Team Champion, Navaeh!

For those out there who may have questioned our intentions of truly providing a pipeline of talent to SHIMMER and all women’s wrestling, the numbers do not lie. What we do is real, and we intend to keep our momentum.

Education, elevation and motivation. That is why we are here, and that is how we will help all talent who works with us RISE, creating a future for all women’s wrestling.