Three More Influential Women’s Wrestling Minds to the Feedback Panel


Part of what makes RISE Seminars and Events so special for the talent involved is not just the training and development, but the ringside and backstage feedback panel that will be present for each event. The panel will vary from event to event, featuring different promoters, producers and influential minds in the world of women’s independent wrestling.

Last week, we announced AIW Promoters John Thorne and Chandler Biggins as the first two names on the panel. Today, we proudly announce three more names, some of the most influential over the last decade of women’s wrestling.

Stephane Bruyere, longtime booker for Quebec’s NCW Femmes Fatales events brings his years of experience putting together and producing women’s wrestling events. Stephane has also been heavily involved in SHIMMER Women Athletes over the years, contributing to the betterment of SHIMMER’s events and talents.

And what would this panel be and what would RISE be without arguably the two most influential minds in North American Women’s Wrestling, the Co-Founders of SHIMMER Women Athletes, Allison Danger and Dave Prazak?! To list the names positively influenced or given exposure through their experiences in SHIMMER would make this article run for pages and pages. SHIMMER is the Gold Standard in women’s independent wrestling, and we are so very happy to have those who started the company join us for our first event.

To recap, the panel thus far: John Thorne, Chandler Biggins, Stephane Bruyere, Allison Danger and Dave Prazak.

And, by the way, that list is not done yet.

Who else will join the panel? And what other “at least two major surprises” will happen at the very first Live Event of RISE?! Find out at RISE 1 – IGNITE on Thursday, November 10 in Berwyn, IL!

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