Media Blitz: RISE Debut in Two Weeks!


Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday the concept of RISE was announced to the women’s wrestling community. In those few months, we’ve evolved our concept based on demand. We’ve doubled our maximum seminar attendance. We’ve announced we are a touring brand of Development Seminars and Live Events with our debut in the Los Angeles Market in January 2017. And we have more growth on the horizon, some in the not-so-distant future.

In the next two weeks, RISE is open to any and all media inquiries. We will do your best to accommodate requests. If you have a website, podcast or other ways you connect to the wrestling community and would like insight into RISE from the office or the talent, please email, Subject: Media Inquiry. In inquiries, please specify where your content can be found so we can can fully review and consider all in an informed manner.

There has already been a lot of positive buzz about RISE, and we only have more we are striving to make happen in our first year.

We appreciate the coverage from the wrestling media community thus far. We look forward to continuing a positive relationship with all of you as we continue our journey as an independent on the RISE!