Talent, Partners and Fans, We Need Your Video!


Anyone who has any affiliation with RISE, whether you are a current or future Seminar Participant, Featured Guest, Affiliate Promotion and especially a fan of women’s wrestling, we want to hear from YOU! We need your video submission!

We are beginning a special video project and seeking video submissions from anyone and everyone who helps create or helps support our product. Video submissions should ideally be 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length and answer the questions “What does RISE mean to me,” and/or “What does RISE mean to women’s wrestling?”

Though the final video will not be produced until after RISE 1, we are accepting submissions starting today. Anticipated release of the project is estimated as January 2017 prior to RISE 2 in South Gate, CA.

For questions, clarifications or video submissions themselves, please email kevin@kevinharveywpwc.com, Subject: Reel.