#MOMC Results Are In, Monroe vs. Carney Signed!


The #MOMC competition took many interesting twists and turns, but no one was quite ready for the way the voting poll closed. Not only was it a photo finish for the top two spots, but there was an exact tie for the winner! Tied at 171 votes each, the co-winners of the Match of My Career (Thus Far) Competition are Heather Monroe and Kate Carney!

Through the #MOMC voting, both definitively won their spots on the card at RISE 1 – IGNITE Thursday, November 10 in Berwyn, IL. But, let’s face it, no wrestling fan likes a tie! Thus, it only seemed fair to let Heather Monroe and Kate Carney FIGHT IT OUT at RISE 1!

And there you have it, the first match has been set for RISE 1 – Monroe vs. Carney!

Who’ve you got?!

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