RISE 1 Updated Poster and Social Covers


Thanks to our amazing and talented graphic designer Mr. Jon Moody, we have the final version of the RISE 1 – IGNITE Live Event Poster! With over 40 women between our seminar and featured guests and only so much room on a page, we just could not feature everyone in one image.

Jon has also put out our first in a series of graphics designed for social media cover art. Any of our Seminar Participants and members of the Prospective Talent Pool missing from the Live Event poster will be making appearances here over time. We are doing our darnedest to market everyone who has chosen to be a part of RISE.

Fans and talents alike, please share these images where you see fit on the internet! If you’re looking for a nice new Facebook cover photo, check out the option below!

Those inside the women’s wrestling world are talking and buzzing about RISE. Now, let’s utilize Jon’s great work and connect our first Live Event and our brand of developing the pipeline of talent for the betterment of all women’s wrestling to as many fans as possible!