Your First #InternetDarling: Delilah Doom!


Management of RISE – Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes launched our first (and not our last…more to come) Social Media Campaign very early on in the promotion of RISE 1 – IGNITE. “You’ve Got Two” was a YouTube campaign based on video submissions from the talents of RISE, not to exceed two minutes in length. The #YG2 campaign was to select our first ever #InternetDarling.

Many of the seminar participants of RISE 1 had fantastic showings in their videos, crashing through glass ceilings of comfort zones and trying something new, scary and exciting! The winner would be the person with the highest total of verifiable YouTube view counts + votes from our online poll.

And after over 2000 votes and 10,000 YouTube views from the campaign, there could only be one overall winner. And that winner, the first ever RISE #InternetDarling is Delilah Doom!

See Delilah in action as she now has a guaranteed match on the Live Event of RISE 1 – IGNITE Thursday, November 10 at the Berwyn Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL. Who will her opponent be? Find out November 10!

Tickets are still available for RISE 1 0 IGNITE at The Shop. Only 7 $10 Front Row tickets remain and $5 General Admission are starting to steadily move. Do NOT miss out on arguably the most valuable ticket in pro wrestling!

Congratulations, Delilah!!!