TWO Upcoming Releases Via SMV?!


Camera crews from the cornerstone of independent wrestling video distribution, Smart Mark Video, will be on hand November 10 as we present RISE 1 – IGNITE. However, they won’t just be filming the Live Event.

The cameras will be rolling for events prior to RISE 1 and all day November 10, including portions from the World Class Development Seminar and other behind-the-scenes shots. The footage will be used for our documentary project titled “The RISE of an Indie.”

Through this project, you will learn what goes into the creation and execution of first of its kind event. You’ll see the the emotional highs for talent. You’ll learn the struggles of the producers leading into the event. Wrestling is an industry filled with losses and rewards, and the cameras of SMV will capture all.

Many documentaries have been produced detailing events after the end of wrestling companies. We want to give the fans insight as to what happens to get a promotion off the ground.

Many thanks to the talented crew of Smart Mark Video, in particular Mike Robles for helping us make all the connections so it can all be brought to your video library.

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