RISE 1 Seminar Nearly Sold Out – AGAIN!


RISE 1 – IGNITE is a first of its kind event. Seminar registration and tickets were placed on sale at 12:15 PM CST Saturday, August 6. By 11:00 AM CST Wednesday, August 10, the World Class Development Seminar facilitated by Colt Cabana and Saraya Knight was a legitimate sellout. That was such great news to see such demand for the highest caliber of next-level training available for women wrestlers!

However, with demand and inquiries still rolling in, Kevin and Saraya conferred over email. Because demand was still high, they wanted to expand the class, but not at the expense of the experience of any of the participants. They agreed that class size would be raised.

This web update is being composed at 11:32 PM CST Thursday, August 11 and yet again, RISE 1 – IGNITE’s Development Seminar has FEWER THAN 10 SEATS REMAINING!

The seminar is expected to sell out again by Saturday, August 13 at the current inquiry rate.

Once the raised attendance cap is met, it will not be raised again. Due to the structure in place for RISE 1 and the amazing SHIMMER weekend starting Friday, November 11, there will not be an additional session of the seminar. If you miss out not, you will have missed your opportunity to learn from two of the best minds in the wrestling industry.

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