Seminar/Ticket Fees: RISE 1 – IGNITE

Very important for those interested in attending the RISE 1 – IGNITE Development Seminar with Colt Cabana and Saraya Knight and those buying tickets to the Live Event:

Payments are being arranged via PayPal, Venmo and Square Cash. Please route all inquiries to specifying your preferred payment vendor and I will send you invoices ASAP. The coding for proper buttons on this site is not working in my favor currently.

Pricing for RISE 1 – IGNITE Events are as follows:

Development Seminar with Colt Cabana and Saraya night – $50 per person, $2.50 processing fee for a total of $52.50.

Front Row Tickets for Live Event – $10

General Admission Tickets for Live Event – $5

Ticket Processing Fees:

< $10 = No Fee

$10-$50 = $1.00 Fee

> $50 = $2.50 Fee

Above all, thanks to all for the tremendous interest in and support of RISE. In under 24 hours since the formal announcement, I am truly humbled how many people are investing in the development of the future of women’s professional wrestling!